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USA Remains a Popular Immigration Destination for UK Nationals

Posted by US Immigration Lawyer UK on Mar 13, 2019 7:24:59 PM
US Immigration Lawyer UK

The United Kingdom (UK) has one of the best education systems in the world. Graduates and high-skilled professionals from the UK are in great demand all over the world. They offer unique talents and specializations in medicine, law, finance, entertainment and education industries.

More than three hundred thousand British expats leave the UK to go and work abroad every year. Almost half of them travel to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand while a substantial number work in the EU. With Brexit looming many UK nationals that have been living and working in the EU are now faced with uncertain and the possible need to relocate. 

The US remains one of the most popular destinations to travel, work and settle down for UK citizens. It is estimated that more than 40,000 UK nationals move to the US every year. Many of them go for temporary work relocation through their employer but a substantial number migrates permanently as well.

The Special Relationship

The two countries enjoy a special relationship that has existed for over 200 years now. Apart from their shared history, culture and language, the US and the UK also have similar industries and services.

Both London and New York have often vied for the number one spot as the world’s financial services capital. UK has some of the finest marine trade ports and companies, a specialty that was topped only by the US in the last hundred years. Legal professionals from one country find it easy to move and practice law in the other country due to similar legal systems as well.

Being part of a similar music and cultural scene also make it easier for British actors, comedians and artists to find opportunities in the US and vice versa. Researchers from the UK often take joint expeditions with Americans. Both countries continue to work closely on combined projects of exploration and scientific innovation.

For many UK citizens, students, workers and business entrepreneurs, the US is a land of opportunities and dreams.

Recent Changes under Trump Administration

The majority of Brits that move to the USA apply through the family or business sponsorship programs. Previously, the US had an open policy where an applicant could apply for a visa more easily however, under it is expected that all visas to to the US will be much harder to obtain in the future due to policy shifts under the Trump administration. 

In February 2018, the Trump administration also cracked down on H-1B visas. These are used by highly skilled workers, allowing them to come to work in the US. US Immigration is imposing stricter guidelines and protracted adjudication for applicants. Many new applicants have reported longer processing times and rejection rates have also increased.

In a recent policy change that took place in September 2018, the US administration announced that it will deny green cards to immigrants that are likely to claim any benefits in the US, clients in our office have been warned of this for years, while those who did not seek personalized legal advice have suffered. 

The shifts in US policy are likely to continue to change therefore now more than ever it's critical to Moving from UK to USAunderstand your US Immigration rights and seek professional help. When our head Attorney, Caro Kinsella was interviewed about the potential US Immigration impacts of a Donald Trump Presidency  she stated: 

“My key advice is act now, don’t procrastinate, understand your visa [options]. Make sure you’re on the strongest visa for your needs – don’t just go with one because your friend is on it." 

This US Immigration advice is much more true today as things are changing for people looking to move from the UK to the USA even more under the Trump Administration. 

If are thinking of moving from the UK to the USA or just are looking for options for the future, contact our office and request speak with Attorney Caro Kinsella about your visa options

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